Jiří Kornatovský: The Birth of the Baroque

the garden in front of the granary

“This is our state of things. We never know with certainty or be absolutely ignorant. We are afloat upon a vast expanse and propelled on upon a certain course from one end to the other. But whatever we seek to gain a foot hold invariably eludes us, for all things are eternally fleeting.”

Blaise Pascal, Penseés

Jiři Kornatovský transported a huge trunk of tree and placed it in front of the granary. Other trunk left leaning towards to convent next to the main entrance. Next to it was a wooden wheel, part the Plasy water sawmill, abolished in 70 ies.

Jiří Kornatovský (born 1952 in Plasy) is Czech visual artist and teacher, active in many different fields and professions. In 1982 he graduated from the High School of Applied Arts in Prague on Hollar's Square, and in the years 1982-87 studied monumental painting and graphic arts at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. After completing his studies, he was employed as a secondary school teacher at the High School of Applied Arts in Prague, and from the 90s he is emplyed at the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Charles University in Prague and at the Faculty of Arts of the Pedagogical Faculty.
He works in a genre of monumental drawings, focusing on topics of trascendental. He draws his inspiration from literature and poetry. He was one of the founders of Hermit symposia and took part in the first two Hermit international symposia. Further he held more then 60 solo exhibitions and participated in over 200 group shows internationally.