Ley-On: Third Supper (Group Portrait)

silk, bamboo, drawings
Plasy monastery 1993

managed and represented by KALIX - BERNA, Joeri Bakker, Amsterdam
(Ley-Om didn come to Plasy, because he was in Hong Kong)

Ley-On seeks universal themes which connect an infinite cultural heritage with the contemporary consciousness. His works show discrepancy between nature and culture, instinct versus intellect. In these works he makes use of signs which find their origin in Zen-Buddhism, as well as signs and symbols from other cultures. The work consists of a circular velum (red corron, diam, 8000 cm) with 12 + 1 burnt in figurines- The velum is mounted at a height of approximately 2.50 m, sustained by columns ( bambii 7 x 300 cm) Mounted on each colimn is s photograph ( polaroid, push pins).

Note: Due to weather conditions – light, damp, wind and draft – the work may have partly disintegrated. This is a preempted aspect of the installation. This installation was part a series that is as yet ongoing.

Hong Kong / Amsterdam
Ley-on was born in Kanton, China, 1960. lived in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.
Education: Chinese University, Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Institute for Visual Arts.
Ley-On comes from the East- In his work he investigated the cultural voyage from East to West. His works always show traces of the Beginning and the End, of birht and death. Of transitorines, mortality, by using perishable materials- By making use of decay- Or by manipulating th cycle in a different way.
He is looking for the conflict between eternity and mortality, By small seemingly classical carvings, not in jhade or ivory, but in roots.