Horology of Dreamers / Growthrings

St. Benedict chapel

"The orchestra’s performed music is similar to the changing of weather. It depeds on the instrumentation, the sound  and the mood of the players. It is a trip through the weather of May into the meadows and forests, dwellings, streets and railway stations. It is a dream journey to anywhere. The orchestra has lost itself. It lost itself somewhere far away, but it is still hier. It is a piece of news, a quiet message, a wish, both a reaction and a screaming, a true image - same time an illusion and a reflection of the soul od the dreamer. Despite its flighty nature, it is materialized into a sort of visible, communicative shape, which surprisingly became concrete one a while." 

Jaroslav Kořán, 1992


The Horology of Dreamers performed this year twice in Plasy, always at sundown and always in the St. Benedict Chapel.


Jaroslav Kořán – Orloj
Michal Kořán - Orloj
Marek Šebelka - Orloj
Siri Austen  - metal double bass of own production, hose clarinet
Michael Delia - percussion, wood, pipe, Orloj
Martin Janíček - thermos, metal bow with string