Pavel Fajt

Pavel Fajt (b. 1957, Brno) is a musician, drummer, composer, music producer, educator, living and working in Brno.


Fajt has performed at various prestigious festivals and venues in Europe and overseas, such as: Victoriaville (Canada), Mimi festival - Marseille (F), Alternativa Praha (CZ), Knitting Factory - New York (USA), Music Unlimited - Wels (A), Ring Belgrade (YU), Blue suburb (F), and others.

His current projects include: DrumTrek - solo project, drums, electronics, loops, projections; Vote, Mia Zabelka Trio, (A/CZ/D); Ave (Koubek, Ponocný, Hazel, Fajt); Inside Drum Communication - drum duo (Fajt Neuwerth); Trio (Frith/Custer/Fajt) and other international projects. He has developed creative collaborations with groups as Neurobeat (Ondřej Anděra, Miles) and started an international project The Gathering of Drummers where he acts both as a producer and a drummer.

Fajt is founder/member of many music ensambles: Bittová & Fajt, Pluto, Josef Boys (D), Fajt & Meneses (CZ/USA), Stepanida Borisova, Autopilote, Ladakh, The Fogel Europas (CZ/A), Geert Wageman & Anna Homler & Pavel Fajt, Fajt & Václav Koubek. He has also performed in duo with Fred Frith (GB), Tom Cora (USA), Anna Homler (USA), and Rajesh Mehta (USA/INDIA).