Martin Janíček: Personal project

Bohemiae Rosa 1997
Plasy Monastery

I wil walk through of the corridors, in the courtyard, in the prelature and around the monastery to record sounds.

Martin Janíček, Plasy 1997

Martin Janíček: sound artist, sculptor, musician and sound designer works in the field of exploration of acoustic qualities of various materials - new music instrument – builder. Most of his works feature an interactive quality in connection with a concentrated simple form, conceptually bound with a site-specific character of working.

Born in 1961, originally trained in a bronze foundry, Janíček studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague from 1990-97, and later worked as an assistant to professor Milos Šejn in the Conceptual Department of the Academy of Fine Art, in Prague for six years.

His collaborations since 2000 include: core member of mamapapa ngo, numerous site specific projects in CR and abroad – unused spaces and social issues – minorities, homeless, language.