Culture 2000
Avignon, Brusel, Bergen, Bologna, Helsinky, Prague, Reykjavík




NOD was networking project connecting 7 cultural European capitals of the year 2000. Helsinky was the main coordinator.


Freon Frigobox - Narrative Crossroads (Brussels) International workshops on the contemporary comics

Since the early Nineties, Fréon has given a new direction to the comic strip world; they have produced, among other things, the Autaric Comix Festival, a key event for today‘s comic strip creators. Fréon will use the recorded interviews of Brussels Belongs to Us to set up four international workshops concerned with the contemporary comic strip. In the series of four workshops will participate both Belgian and foreign, young as well as established comic strip authors, focusing on the central subject of The City. The work of the artists and scriptwriters will be presented in the form of multiledia exhibition set up in the Espace Narratif and will also be put on the Internet in a special area created for this purpose within the website. L.I.M.B. /Praha/ Improvizovaná on-line hudební představení

L.I.M.B. /Prague/ Improvised on-line music performances

This projcct will bring together musicians from partner cities who will via Internet play wholly improvised sets, which will be broadcast live. Each performance will last one hour and will be based on a unique concept with regard to Internet. For example a string quartet performance will be devided into three twenty minutes sets, the first by two violinist, then by the cellinst and bass player, and finally as a quartet. The performances will try to cover a wide range of instrumentation and styles.

Cirkus 2000 (Faxinace)/Praha Circus 2000 [Faxcination]/Prague An animation project designed through the Internet

This project continues in the spirit of the Faxcination animation project whose impetus was a blockade situation in Sarajevo. The first drawings in the series of linked animation scripts submitted by children from different countries was begun by a group of Bosnian children who "broke" the blockade by using telephone lines to send their animation script via fax to a group of young Czechs who continued the story. The link moved from there to Belgium, Norway, India, Slovenia and Japan. Circus 2000's starting point is a series of drawings for the creation of thematic, animated projects on the theme of a virtual Circus. Children from the age of 12 and up in each participating country are guided through workshops that enable them to create animated drawings and short stories to be presented in the Circus web environment.


non tradition view of Prague’s residential areas

The name lescitesdeprague, which may sound a little poetic, covers an internet project that presents a nontraditional view of Prague's residential areas. Using a digital camera, Jan Trnka tries to compose a document that records the "atomosphere of a residential area". The project is presented within the aim of evaluating lifestyle in residential areas, considering a great variety of its aspects. It doesn't try to questions objectively, but rather tries to propose a subjective view towards the background scenery and concrete objects that one finds there. The views which we are tired of, which we are too accustomed to in everyday life, but at the same time those of which could have a different impression, when observing in closer detail. While the administrative district Prague 4 has old residential sections with a history of more than a few centuries (like Nusle and Michle), it also includes new areas like Krc and Libuse that were built up in the modern age, the 1960's, when the reorganization of Prague was carried out. Here we encounter images of the latter ones, the newer areas.

Freska Y2K (Bologna)

Y2K fresco (Bologna) Collage made from contemporary art forms of different cultures

The Y2K fresco concept is based on the idea of a fresco of contemporary European culture, made through the aid of artists and based on the theme of the new millenium. Throughout the duration of the project the creations of artists working in various cultural fields will be distributed by one or more of the servers at the local venues, thus covering a wide range of artistic cultures. Contributions will range in digital format from audio to video and static imagery. The content of these files will include painting, sculpture, poetry, writing, architecture, photography as well as performance or action art. A specific software will be designed which should play the role of director in the arrangment and mixage of the contributions which will eventually create a ”multimedia muddle”. It should consist of an endless transformation representing a collage of different forms of art and expressions in the various cultures. Therefore the process will not have a specific direction and will play with spontaneity.

EuroVision2000 - MoneyNationsTV /Prague/ Temporary European Local TV

MoneyNations is based on a free floating network of correspondends and connected individuals across Europe, including artists, sociologists, journalists and economists from the non-governmental sector. MoneyNationsTV will use the context as a platform for production. Videos will be produced dealing specifically with phenomena of informal economy, migration as a possible new post-national concept for Europe including reflections about the "Fortress Europe” and anti-migrational trends that are currently observable. MoneyNationsTV is a selfmade television channel formed through the presentation of videos from the MoneyNationsTV pool including live moderation, talk-shows, discussions, interviews and performances on the afore mentioned topics. All of the events will be professionaly taped and live-streamed. Tapes or files are easely exchagable and can be reused for other events.

Pilotní internetová rozhlasová stanice /Praha/ Autonomní rozhlasové vysílání a archiv vlastních nahrávek v Centru současného umění v Praze