Klaas Kuitenbrouwer

Subtheater Amsterdam
Rites de Passage Workshop, 1998

Klaas Kuitenbrouwer is researcher at Het Nieuwe instituut in Rotterdam. After studying history and developing an art practice, he worked at the intersections of culture, technology and ecology since the late 1990ies. At Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, he is currently developing the zoöp project, a legal format for collaboration between humans and collective bodies of nonhumans. He has been teaching media and other theory at the Rietveld Academy since 2002. A consistent element in his work is the intersection of different knowledge practices: technological, artistic, legal, scientific, and nonhuman.

Since 2009 he worked at the Virtual Platform, develop crossover programs to share useful knowledge and clever practices between people from different flavours of electronic culture. From 1999 till 2008 he was developing, assembling and coaching workshops for Mediamatic - in which participants together with invited makers and thinkers develop concepts and applications of current (media) technologies.