a.k.a Federsel


Tomáš Procházka (a.k.a. Federsel) is a musician, improviser, sound artist, and performer. He is a member of the performance groups Cakes and Puppets and HANDA GOTE Research & Development and the bands B4, Gurun Gurun, Radio Royal, Federsel & Mäkelä, Uranus, and Wabi Experience. He also performs solo under the name Federsel.

Procházka works with field recordings, media archeology, all kinds of electric and acoustic instruments, and purely electronic systems, mostly based on analog electronics. In his solo work, he uses feedback, electromagnetic interference, and parasitic sounds. He performs on his version of a no-input mixing board using prepared guitar and amplified objects and works with various found media as well as traditional instruments used improperly. 
He also performs research into post-spectacular, antimimetic theater and the integration of science and technology in the performing arts. Procházka writes for the magazines World and Theatre, A2, and HIS Voice.
 He is a co-founder of the Wakushoppu concert series.

On his blog Endemit Archives, Procházka collects pieces of local deep underground, freak-out, outsider, and plain-weird music, as well as all kinds of antimusic activities and home-recording audio.
 In 2014 he launched the microlabel METEORISMO with his colleague Pasi Mäkelä.