Prazdné domy

The Prázdné domy (Empty Houses) Association develops and operates an online database primarily focused on documenting interesting structures which are threatened or vacant, and also documents structures which have already been demolished, saved or have otherwise found their use. The association aims to inspire the activity of individuals or communities towards saving similar structures, motivating them to take an interest in their surroundings, while promoting the option to further develop their community-focused, interdisciplinary or artistic activities.

They organize guided tours through interesting houses, and often offer possible solutions to it particular condition. They give examples of gradual and low-threshold renovation, and offer possibilities for the temporary use of the building, as well as publicize those cases when the structures have been saved. Prázdné domy offers help through fundraising for the renovation of historical buildings, organizing work parties for repairing or cleaning the buildings, or by adopting them. They also organized a conference focused on the subject of empty houses which has brought together politicians, proprietors, and the interested public.