Přezpolní is connected to the cultural platform Kulturák Archa which came out of Jiří Příhoda’s installation of sculptural architecture in the town of Lubná near Litomyšl. The Přezpolní (Cross-country) association is simultaneously a gallery, as well as a center for education and community-building.

The association organizes exhibitions of contemporary artists and students of the Environment studio at FAVU VUT in Brno. It operates its residency program in Kurník, whose spatial constellation is three quarters for hen-keeping, and one quarter is left for the use of residents or random passersby. In the summer, they organize a festival of experimental and electroacoustic music called Bučení which uses an unfolding DIY stage (originally a raft), and the backstage consists of a caravan.

Another place which is currently being built is 5sil, “five platforms,” for the co-habitation of people and animals. The association acquired the silos from the Lubná Agricultural Marketing Co-op, and they gradually transformed the space for artistic and educational activities connected to the keeping of pets and animals. The association also organizes artistic and architectural workshops. Their activities directly inspire and broaden cultural options for local residents.