“We believe that independent internet servers are a fundamental and necessary alternative to the surveilled, entrepreneurial, centralized and highly problematic ‘cloud’ services on offer.”


Multiplace is a network connecting people and organizations focused on the overlap of media and technology with art, culture and the wider society. The Multiplace open platform is mainly focused on the support of media art and on critical reflection of life and culture within the context of new technologies. Between 2002 – 2017, Multiplace organized an international, non-competitive festival of new media art and network culture which took place at various places around Slovakia, Czechia and other countries. Since 2008, the Multiplace association has also operated an open cultural server for internet-based cultural and artistic projects.

The server offers free web hosting, internet services and guidance, and today is home to more than a hundred web sites for artists, activists, cultural and social workers and their organizations based in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other places around the world. In addition, the server supports dozens of email addresses, databases, mailing lists and specialized software applications.