Relaxace: Concert

Karel Babuljak, Jiří Mazánek, Vlastislav Matoušek
St. Bernard chapel

"The intention and mission of our music is to inspire peace and love in the hearts of listeners. Our sources are not only Indian music, but also minimal, ethnic, Slovakian folklore and old European music."

Relaxace, 1993, Plasy

Jiří Mazánek:                voice, acoustic quitar, tánpúra, percussion
Karel Babuljak:             citera, indian harmonium, kalimbas, percussion
Vlastislav Matoušek:    tabla, tibetian bowls, didgerydoo, shakuhachi, ethnic flutes, percussion, voice

Relaxace was established in 1979 and retains its original personnel. The most important inspiration was from the beginning found in Indian classical music. Each of the members took their own stimuli, or learned to play some Indian instrument. Their music is characterised by a meditative component, a "mutually receptive and joyful communication between the players which should also become transmitted to the listeners. Therefore the goal of all concerts is to awaken the heart and shart a common path to the Kingdom of Love."