Called Most Beautiful
David Rothenberg
From the book: Nightingales In Berlin – Searching For The Perfect Sound
Web3 and Ecosystemic Resilience
Part I
Speculations on the Naturechain
Dustin Breitling
Soundscape Composition as Global Music
Electroacoustic Music as Soundscape
Barry Truax
The Thing About Microphones
Mark Peter Wright
Ordering of Sounds
The Homogenization of Listening in the Age of Globalized Soundscapes
Sabine Breitsameter
R. Murray Schafer — Moon-schafer-moon1.jpg
Acoustic Space
Exploring the Aural World
R. Murray Schafer
Rise – Set
Paula Vitola
Site-specific sound installation
Live stream 5 July 2020, 6–8 PM
Pandæmic Speculations
A Multilogue
Vít Bohal, Dustin Breitling, Bogna Konior, Borbála Soós
Hermit Networks
On Rhizomes, Parasites and Hermits Caught in the Webbing
Report 2020
Miloš Vojtěchovský
Some White Men Would Rather Destroy Their World Than Share It
An Interview with Timothy Morton
The New Queer Animal
Queer Ecologies and Cinematic Representation
Jana Gridneva
Leaving Behind the Vicious Circle of Biospheric Destruction
Udo Noll
Digital Garden Lab
An exercise in Appropriate Accelerationism
Paul Chaney and Digital Garden Lab
Animal Cameras
Virtual Reality and Factory Farming
Bogna Konior
Nature's Cabinet of Colours, Words and Sounds
Miloš Vojtěchovský
Essay for the CD Rom Colorum Naturae Varietas
Center for Metamedia Plasy, 1999
Denise Carvalho introduction
The Bioacoustics of Ants
Kuai Shen
Francis Amadeo Giannini
Worlds Beyond the Poles
Notes toward the Fungus Symposium in Plasy
Jiří Zemánek
Jiří Zemánek-zemanek-poster.jpg
Jiří Zemánek
Prologue to a Place at Plasy Monastery
Fungus: Inquiry of Place 1994
Plasy Monastery
Approach in Love and Fear
Jimmie Durham
Tomáš Ruller: Vs. Improvisation
A Contribution to the Vs. Interpretation symposium
NOD, Prague, 17 July, 2014
Theatre of Communication
Cristina Maldonado’s Blurred Genres
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