The Peerless Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture

Universal Psychiatric Church and the Holy Scrap Units
Films, pictures, poodja
2 October 2017, 8 PM at Cinema Ponrepo

An evening program of supermedia presenting the activities of The Peerless Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture, Universal Psychiatric Church 316a, The Holy Scrap Unit, with several views on trash.

During the evening the ceremony of the small Poodja.


This screening program takes place to mark a new addition to the Foundation’s online Mediateka: the media collection Upsych 316a.

An Autumn Visit to Upsych316a. Karel Kučera, 2011, 4 min.

Cultivators of Holiness. Adam Oľha, 2005, 27 min.
An attempt to gain entry into the hermetic community of The Peerless Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture.

Upsych 316a. Václav Jirásek.
The Bearer of the Active Cross of the JSD has, over three five-year periods, already documented the ever-changing structure of individual departments, inhabitants, and reorganization of salvage scraps at Upsych316a.

Between Place and Matter. Ondřej Telecký, 2014.
Time-lapse images of the life of scraps.

Holy Beetles. Miloš Lauerman, 2011, 20 min.
A film collage from the life of the JSD and the Holy Scrap Units, including rare footage of the burning of the Faithful Mummy, inside UPSYCH 316a.

Scrap Holy Day 2017. Petr Jančárek, 10 min.
Documentary of this year’s vigil of the Holy Scrap.

At Mr. Čapek’s. Bohuslav Vašulka, 1964, 6 min.
Portrait of a junk dealer near the Týn Church.

How to Live with Junk. Jindřich Procházka, 2000, 14 min.
When things outlive you.

Thanks to FAMU, Czech Television, Cinema Ponrepo, and all the creators for supplying their works.