Mark Dijkstra: Performance with Sound and Light

stroboscopic light, electronics, sound
St. Benedict chapel, convent

'Time and Space are phenomena which fascinate me and are subjects of my experiments and my performances. These two elements have no value in themselves, bu they are transformed during the performance into the subject for the perceiver. I try to give structure to those two elements in such a manner that a new perception of Time and Space can be created."

Mark Dijkstra, 1993

Mark Dijkstra is a Dutch artist, working in disciplines of video, installation and performance who lives in Eindhoven. The main theme in his work is the way we are able to perceive our environment and the time we need to interpret the perceived environment. He often works as an interdisciplinary artist, collaborating with designers, architects, actors, dancers and musicians. He likes to investigate all the boundaries of the area he is working in. As he says, "Art is a philosophical way of thinking."