Martyna Poznańska and Vendula Guhová

Concert at Petrohradská kolektiv
19 April, 2018, 8 PM

A concert as part of a program of live art by Petrohradská kolektiv.


Martyna Poznańska is a sound artist who works in various media across disciplines, building connections between the intangible medium of sound and solid matter. Her work includes listening and field recording practice, in addition to working with various visual tools such as drawing, video, use of created or found objects, and writing among others. For Petrohradská kolektiv, she has prepared two compositions mainly using various field recordings.

Vendula Guhová is young intermedia artist who works with found sounds in the context of musique concrète. She is focused on moving images and interactive installations. Guhová founded a community project called Libóza. Her work deals with the themes of memory, space, imagination, identity. She sings in the KiSQuiche trio with the harpist Célestine Doedens and electric guitarist Braño Daniš. Gulová specialized in International Territorial Studies, and current studies at the FAMU Center for Audiovisual Studies. For Petrohraská kolektiv she has prepared a live version of Premačice. She makes use of archival materials, which live their own life inside a new composition. Many of the athor’s previous compositions, typified by their radio annoucements, are transformed into a mass of snippets of animal sounds. These sounds stay on their original time positions and the peaks of different and original compositions converger within new contexts. * * * The program of live arts at Petrohradská kolektiv is a platfrom of performative art and experimental music. It is a meeting place between various trends of the genre and its audience and creators.