Michal Bouzek: View Behind All Corners

4 mirrors, 1 telescope

"The visual system of four mirrors, placed in each corner of the convent´s quadrant-corridors, makes it possible to interconnect the whole space of the first floor into one partial view. From certain angles and certain points, the visitor can perceive his own image, reversed, in the mirror."

Michal Bouzek, 1993

Czech painter and sculptor Michal Bouzek (born in 1961 in Prague), where he lives and works. He graduated from the Industrial School of Graphic Arts (1981) and in 1991 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He was a member of the art group Svárov. The group formed after the mid-1980s and its members initiated and organized unofficial exhibitions of the 1980s that were held in 1989 at the farmstead of the Perič family in the village of Svárov, near Prague. In 1994, Bouzek participated in the Orloj snivců performance with a light performance.