Audiovisual performance

Some of the displayed things Ewa collected in Prague streets are carefuly packed and ordered, to transform them, covering with materials like marzipan, castaway rain cloth and thick plastic into something else. The process of transforming trash found on street and thus clearly rejected by their owners is extended by adding them aural quality. Ewa is using daily sounds which we usually are not paying any attention.
“We, especially in the urban life, do not keep objects and/or food, don't care about them, we overdose us with sweetness, with extras, hygiene, with whiteness. This makes our culture detached from necessity and the use of one’s will not to take what we can take in every situation. I work more and more with inner landscapes, with mental process of distance from what is around us. This is the ground for the outer landscape, and the care for outer landscape. There is no distance; it is the same agenda.”     Ewa Jacobsson

Ewa Jacobsson is visual artist and composer. She has made field recordings since the early eighties. Ewa Jacobsson works with site-specific installations with visual elements, sound and preparation of spaces, pure sound composition, physical sounding objects and live performance, and are presented at exhibitions, museums, concert spaces and also includes works for the street or involving the audience. Advanced technique combined with low-tech reflects her interest in the transportation of importance and meaning, existentially or politically, through different medias, ignoring the hierarchy commonly used. She uses visual castaway elements from the actual sites, combined with materials as marzipan, oil, steel, wire, photo, film, drawing. Art residency is realized in collaboration of the Školská 28 Gallery and the Agosto Foundation.

Residency period

3 November 20163 December 2016

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