Petr Kvíčala: Ornaments

sand painting, textile

… and when I make an ornament, it is not only an ornament, it is a shrunken universe.

(from the diary of an old ornamenalist)
Petr Kvíčala, 1993

Petr Kvíčala (born 1960) is a Czech painter and pedagogue, working and living in Brno. At the turn of the 80s and 90s he discovered and promoted the ornament as a unique art phenomenon. The basis of Petr Kvíčala's painting is the abstract linen ornament, the logic of its development and the research of optical effects. In his generation, he also played a significant role in accepting aesthetic quality as an irreplaceable component of the art message. He gradually became integrated into the context of actual painting in the Czech Republic and abroad During the second half of the 1990s, he was working with architects, and has painted several interior paintings. Kvíčala was, together with Marian Palla and Milan Magni, active as well in the field of performing arts under the name of Florian.