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Acoustic Ecology
Exploring the Aural World
An Acoustic Ecology Reader
The Voice of the Earth: Discovering the Ecological Ego
Ecopsychology: A Reconnaissance
Theodore Roszak
Called Most Beautiful
David Rothenberg
From the book: Nightingales In Berlin – Searching For The Perfect Sound
Collected sounds
Time-lapse Microstories of the Sonic Environment
Daniela Šterbáková
Slavek Kwi
CENSE Almanac 2021
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Acoustic Typology of Landscapes
Doc. RNDr. Alois Hynek, CSc. and Mgr. Ing. Tomáš Hendrych
Grandville Katzenmusik Charivari Rough Music
Noise and Silence
The Soundscape And Spirituality
Hillel Schwartz
Hildegard Westerkamp

david rothenberg
Music out of Nature
David Rothenberg
GHMP Dům u Kamenného zvonu
23 September, 2021 at 6 PM
How Do You Hear the Fruits of the Tree?
An Interview with Lasse-Marc Riek
Republished from Fifteen Questions
David Dunn Interview-dunn-poster.jpg
Music, Language, Environment
An Interview with David Dunn
by René van Peer (1996)
Soundscape Ecology Plunges Us Into a Wilder World Beyond the Mundane and Merely Visual
Bernie Krause
And the World Responded, and Touched Me Back
Luděk Čertík on Listening
Totems. John Grzinich
Listening As a Means to Reconnect With the Environment
John Grzinich
Soundscape Composition as Global Music
Electroacoustic Music as Soundscape
Barry Truax
Sound and Environment
Publication of the 2nd CENSE Conference
Ústí nad Labem 2019
This Land is Not Mine
Sounds of Lusatia
Call for Collaboaration
Antropocene Out Loud
Sound as a Tool to Study Modern Nature
Anna Kvíčalová
Pass It On: Early Morning Soundscapes
Reveil 2020 Collection
An Anthology of Recordings
Jacob Kirkegaard
Creating Space for Awareness with Sound
The Thing About Microphones
Mark Peter Wright
R Murray Schafer-r-murray-schafer.jpg
The Consequent and Emphatic Setting of Landmarks in the New Soundscape
Jozef Cseres
Preface to the Czech translation of "The New Soundscape" by R. Murray Schafer
Ordering of Sounds
The Homogenization of Listening in the Age of Globalized Soundscapes
Sabine Breitsameter
R. Murray Schafer — Moon-schafer-moon1.jpg
Acoustic Space
Exploring the Aural World
R. Murray Schafer
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