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Call for Nominations 2020
Perpedes Grant Program
Invitations from the Beautification Society for the City of Ostrava
Cemetery Beautification and new Krásná Ostrava bulletin launch
21 June 2018, 6 PM
Results of the Agosto Foundation’s Perpedes Grant Program 2020
Press Release
30 June 2020
4 AM / PRAHA – Brno-4am-prahavbrne-00001.jpg
Results of the Agosto Foundation’s Perpedes Grant Program 2019
Press Release
14 July 2019
Jitka and Květa Válová Receive Title
Dames of Czech Culture
24 February 2019
Call for Nominations 2019
Perpedes Grant Program
Krčkovna, the Villa Fiala
Local Landmark Faces an Uncertain Future
Outside the Structures
The Beautification Society of Ostrava “Za krásnou Ostravu”
Saving a “Pearl of Functionalism”
Living Villa Society and the Kral Villa
Barbora Tichá-zamek-valec-valec-l1320628a-edit.jpg
I’m More a Laborer Than a Curator
An interview with Barbora Tichá
Okrášlovací spolek Za krásnou Ostravu
Perpedes-funded Project Events
June 2018
Cover of the Kubinstadt Almanac 2017/18-associace-cover-kubinstadt-almanach.jpg
Book Launch of Kubinstadt Almanac 2017/2018
Opening of an Exhibition of Works from the Litoměřice area
13 April, 2018 — 6 PM
Karel Hynek Mácha Library, Litoměřice
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Call for Donations
Perpedes Grant Program
Romafuturism Library Opens
Drawing by Alexey Klyuykov-zemekoule_cerna.jpg
Romafuturismo Library
Library Opening and Reading Marathon
1 February 2018, 7 AM – …
Naturally DIY
Návsí u Jablunkova
Through the Other Lens
The Post‐Photographic and the Neo‐Archeological
The Květoň Brothers
Punctum Krásovka
A Point of Departure from the Usual
Micro-Space Profile