Saša Spačal (Transversal) & Jiří Suchánek (Atomtón)

Sound Performances
Petrohradská kolektiv
17 October, 2018, 8 PM

Saša Spačal will present her new sound performance in the series of sonic close-ups with live crickets Acheta domesticus and Jiří Suchánek will perform live electroacoustic composition Atomtón.


Spačal's Transversal as a line passes through three planes of existence that crickets inhabit: ecological environment, vulnerability to extinction and commodification as mode of survival. Field recordings, cricket sounds, analogue synthesizers and glass domes are employed in order to explore acoustic resonance and feedback loop in human-cricket entanglement.  

Atomtón by Jiří Suchánek is about converting sound inputs and its spectral lines of atoms into frequencies of tens to hundreds of oscillators of additive synthesis. Each element generates a unique sound spectrum, which is further transformed and modulated by numbers of the Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements. The project attempts to convert the chemical and physical logic into musical one.

Saša Spačal is a postmedia artist working at the intersection of research into living systems with contemporary and sound art. Currently she is artist in residency in Agosto Foundation. You can find more information in her profile.

Jiří Suchánek is czech sound and media artist, musician and multimedia experimenter focused in building permanent audio-light installations that are usually interactive and placed in natural or public spaces (like a cave, astronomic observatory, bridge…). His artistic approach is synthetic. In his works he is connecting sound, light, sculptural objects, electronics + code with carefully chosen spaces. Through his work he explores relationship between nature, technology and durability of the electronic media in a wild climatic situations.