eDNA Dyje and Moravian Amazonia
The situation around Soutok and Lanžhot forest
Miloš Vojtěchovský
Web3 and Ecosystemic Resilience
Part II
Dustin Breitling speaks with CurveLabs
Environmentální výchov v praxi. Děti z místní ZŠ.-decka-hrabou.jpg
Cottage Punk or Whatever in Kyjov
An Interview with Barbora Lungová
Ondřej Navrátil
Black Edition
All the Sounds are Interconnected
Interview with Tomáš Šenkyřík
Ondřej Navrátil
Black Edition
Maybe There’s No Longer a Way Back
Miloš Vojtěchovský on his installation Census and the limits of speculative thought
How Do You Hear the Fruits of the Tree?
An Interview with Lasse-Marc Riek
Republished from Fifteen Questions
Totems. John Grzinich
Listening As a Means to Reconnect With the Environment
John Grzinich
Jacob Kirkegaard
Creating Space for Awareness with Sound
Za opavu-za-opavu-2010alejvavrovice1.jpg
It Started with Yellow Walls
An Interview with Kateřina Skalíková
Za Opavu
Art in the Elsewhere: On Cemeteries, Orchards and Virtual Reality
Jan Freiberg
Planetary Storytelling and the New Cosmology
Roundtable Discussion with Stephan Martin, Christine Hill and Jiří Zemánek
I Think Humanity is Going to Die
Newton Harrison and Force Majeure
An Interview in the Thickets
Extinction Rebellion
On Environmental Collapse and the “Creative Rebellion”
An Interview with Nils Agger
Sophisticated Spectacularity
Interview with Julien Maire
Romani Culture in the Spotlight
An Interview with Gwendolyn Albert
Change is Possible
An Interview with Dalibor Knapp
Keiji Haino: Dancing in Dark with Tambourine and Cymbals
Convent / Ball Room of the Prague castle
Plasy Monastery 1993
Reality, Virtuality and Dark Energy
Interview with Veronika Romhány
Interview with Jaroslav Kořán
Radoslava Schmelzová
An Interview with Christine Abdelnour
vs. Interpretation 2016
Lê Quan Ninh at vs.Interpretation 2016-le-quan-iv-poster.jpg
An Interview with Lê Quan Ninh
vs. Interpretation 2016
Camouflage is always DIY
An interview with Hanna Rose Shell
Praed (Raed Yassin and Paed Conca)
An Interview with Praed
vs. Interpretation 2016