Artist Residency




Hanna Rose Shell

Hanna Rose Shell is a historian of science and technology and a filmmaker, who focuses on the environment, the media, military studies, and material culture. Primarily the topics related to textile industry, clothing, recycling and camouflage. Hanna Rose Shell will be in the Czech republic in June 2017 upon invitation of the Agosto Foundation.


She will be working on her multimedia project Shoddy, about the shredding and reuse of rags and other forms of textile waste. She will be working on a series of photographic prints of textile waste heaps, traveling to rag mills in the Czech Republic, and also working on completing the text for the book accompanying the films, photographs and other artworks from the project. She will screen her films in Bio Ponrepo in June 13th, will have a lecture about The Skins of Things and will participate in the exhibition Fibers, Clews, Fabrics – Thoughts are thin strands in Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava. More about the artist you can find here.