Artist Residency




Mila Panic


Michal Kindernay

Intermedia artist Mila Panic explores social cultural aspects of societies in quick transformation.


Mila Panic's statement: “Considering the nature of my work where the movement, migration, and notion of home always overlap, I can say I am interested in the comfort and discomfort of living and creating in-between places and contexts and their relations. For several years I started to be interested in the landscape and our mental/bodily relation to it. How does our mind learn to behave within and perceive a landscape? What influence these perceptions and in which way? What narratives can contemporary art practice add to a remapping of the certain landscape?”

Mila Panic born in 1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina currently live between Weimar, Germany and Banja Luka, BiH. In 2014 she graduated from Academy of arts in University of Banja Luka department of painting. In 2013 she attended International Summer Academy in Salzburg, course “Arte Util” taught by artist Tania Bruguera. She is currently on her master degree program of Public Art and New artistic strategies at Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar. In 2014 she co-founded ‘APARTMAN’ art project for the popularisation of contemporary art in BiH. Winner of several scholarships and grants as well as Award for best student work in the field of visual art awarded by Museum of Contemporary art of Republic of Srpska in 2014. She was shortlisted for ZVONO art award for the best young artist in 2014 in BiH and 6.namaTREba.biennale - Share too much History, more Future! award for the best young video artist in BiH. Her works were presented in numbers of regional and international exhibitions, biennales, festivals and presentations.