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Marcus Popp

Artist profile


Salim Washington

Crossing the Black Atlantic


Tomáš Ruller: Vs. Improvisation

A Contribution to the Vs. Interpretation symposium


Pasi Mäkelä

Artist profile


Pauline Oliveros

Artist profile


Petr Kotik

Artist profile


Lucie Vítková

Artist profile


Katherine Liberovskaya

Artist profile


Mary Oliver

Artist profile


Phill Niblock

Artist profile


A Mode of Being in the World

An interview with George Lewis


Tomáš Procházka

Artist profile


Roger Kleier

Artist profile


Michal Rataj

Artist profle


David Rothenberg

Artist profile


Jaromír Typlt

Artist profile


Annie Gosfield & Roger Kleier

Festival Highlight from vs. Interpretation


Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

Artist profile


OHO! Offhand Opera

A model for creating musical forms in the course of performance


Iva Bittová

Festival Highlight from vs. Interpretation


George E. Lewis

Artist profile


Ivan Palacký

Artist profile


Jason Robinson

Improvisation and Telematics


Jaromír Typlt and Michal Rataj

Festival Highlight from vs. Interpretation


Jeffrey Goldberg

Artist profile


Michael Francis Duch

Lemur: Methods and Music


David Rothenberg

Festival Highlight from vs. Interpretation


Lisa Cay Miller

Artist profile


Pauline Oliveros

Keynote on Deep Listening


Marco Eneidi

Artist profile


George Lewis

Keynote Presentation


Ian Mikyska

Artist profile


Improvising with the Sonic Environment

Lindsay Vickery


Play as you go

George Lewis / Pauline Oliveros / Joëlle Léandre


Christopher Williams

Long-Term Improvisation


Between and Beyond Frontiers

Lukas Ligeti

One of the Agosto Foundation’s most important contributions to the local and international music scene, the project vs. Interpretation is an ongoing transdisciplinary project promoting innovative improvised artistic projects and research.

Beginning with a festival, symposium and artist residencies in the summer of 2014, vs. Interpretation strives to create a field for inquiry and experimentation for artists, scholars, and interested individuals across all disciplines and experience levels. In June 2015, the Agosto Foundation published a volume of writings inspired by the project entitled vs. Interpretation: An Anthology on Improvisation. The publication can be obtained via the Kiosk on our website.

While the foundation has continued to offer support to other projects through its grants, it has also brought together a number of local organizations to present work in various venues, mainly in the Prague 7 district. Several of these events came together to make up the vs. Interpretation Festival, held in April 2016. The festival was noteworthy for gathering a diverse international group of artists to present, examine, and document new creative and experimental music from a global and interdisciplinary perspective.

The project vs. Interpretation continues to offer performances, presentations, opportunities for collaboration, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, sound installations, film screenings and concerts, many of which are documented and can be seen and heard directly on this website.