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Birdsong in Trója, Branišov and Skryje

SoundCamp REVEIL for the International Dawn Chorus Day
2–3 May 2020

A 24-hour broadcast of bird song at dawn around the world from 5 AM London time (UTC 0+1) Saturday, 2 May to 6 AM Sunday, 3 May 2020. Together with the artist collective Soundcamp, from Rotherhithe UK, we invite one and all to tune into the global radio program REVEIL, a 24-hour broadcast devoted to the sounds of nature and soundscapes of the dawn chorus of birdsong from around the world.

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Working for a Smaller Community Makes a Lot of Sense

Interview with Jonathan Hudec, Martin Herold and Jiří Dalecký
St. Havel Gallery, Mladá Boleslav

The St. Havel Gallery in Mladá Boleslav had its first exhibition in 2017 as part of the Noc Kostelů (Night of Churches). The initial impulse came from the availability of an unused cultural space which would be independent from the city. The motivation was to introduce a distinct alternative to the operation of the city’s cultural centers. This interview took place on 28 January, 2020 with Jonatan Hudec, Martin Herold and Jiří Dalecký who run the St. Havel Gallery. The interview was conducted by Radoslava Schmelzová.

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Call for Nominations 2020

Perpedes Grant Program

Nominations will be accepted until April 30, 2020. There is still time to submit!

As part of its grant program Perpedes, the Agosto Foundation requests nominations from the general public for the support of the activities of individual artists, as well as for artistic or cultural projects. The Perpedes Grant Program seeks to foster a closer connection between artistic and cultural activities and the daily lives of various social strata and communities, on both the local and regional scales. The program focuses on strengthening smaller individual and civic initiatives which make use of interdisciplinary collaboration, and which address themes pertaining to social and environmental networks, while working within the framework of contemporary art.

New: Join the new Perpedes General Mailing List newsletter to keep up-to-date on the progress of Perpedes selection process. Subscribe by checking the box on our newsletter subscriptions page.

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COVID-19 Comes to Prague

Our friends over at sonicity.cz have been busy creating field recordings of the new conditions that have befallen our city. At a time when people are largely confined indoors, the presence of the trees, birds, running water, and the like, once quiet witnesses and subtle backdrops to the unending bustle of human activity, come forward to assert themselves.

Perhaps taking a moment to listen to some of these sounds will help to re-orient ourselves to our true place as citizens of a great city, and also citizens of the natural world. One of the main questions being, can we carry some of this consciousness with us when the crisis has finally passed?

Lucerna Pasáž v době Covid-19 / Lucerna Pasáž in the time of Covid-19

Procházka po pandemickém Žižkově I. / A walk around the pandemic Žižkov I.

Špaččí sněm na Slovanském ostrově / Starlings gathering on Slavonsky Island

Bez letadel a se skřivanem / Without Airplanes but With a Lark

Tichá mše v kostele u sv. Vojtěcha / Silent Mass at St. Vojtěch Church

Polední zvon na piazzettě - náměstí Václava H. / Bells on Václav Havel Square

Tiché město / A quiet city

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