Becoming Animal. A film by Emma Davie, Peter Mettler. 2018

Becoming Animal

A film by Emma Davie and Peter Mettler
Based on the Writings of David Abram
15 May 2019, 8:30 PM
Cinema Ponrepo

Directed and written by Emma Davie and Peter Mettler
Cinematography: Peter Mettler
Sound Design: Jacques Kieffer, Peter Bräker, Peter Mettler
Switzerland/UK, 2018, 78 min.

Shot in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming, USA), this immersive essay film draws together the distinct sensibilities of filmmakers Emma Davie and Peter Mettler and philosopher David Abram to encounter the spaces where humans and animals meet. We pique our senses to witness the so-called natural world – which in turn witnesses us. Moose clash antlers and a snail’s body becomes a landscape while the myriad sensory tools of cinema explore our complicity with this “more than human world”.

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Anamaria Pravicencu

Semi Silent
25 April, 6 PM — OGV, Jihlava
27 April, 7:30 PM — Žižkostel, Microfestival, Prague
24 May, 7 PM — City Gallery Pardubice

The final in a series of performances by Anamaria Pravicencu, Romanian sound artist and cultural organizer, and current Agosto resident artist, will take place 24 May, 7 PM — City Gallery Pardubice.

Pravicencu is a curator of the Semi Silent podcast platform, where she serves as producer for pieces by Romanian artists as well as her own works. With the association Jumătatea plină, Pravicencu collaborates with artists and musicians from many countries, and last year opened up a program of individual and collective sound art residencies, the Sonic Future Residency, the productions of which are presented to the public by means of the Semi Silent podcasts and public listening sessions.

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Sonic Circuits

Accompanying program to the exhibition Sounds / Codes / Images: Audio Experimentation in Visual Arts
4 June – 13 October, 2019
GHMP Stone Bell House / Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace

Sonic Circuits comprises a series of performances and events that take place in the lecture hall of the Stone Bell House, the Colloredo-Mansfeld Hall, and in the public space. The program offers visitors a unique opportunity to get familiar with the multifaceted work of Czech and foreign artists, some of whom work with sound within the context of the visual arts, while others examine sound as a theme within space-time, or as mathematical, performative, environmental or social contexts.

Participants include: Lee Patterson, Prague Improvisation Orchestra, Nicolas Collins, Petr Válek, Tetsuya Umeda, Milan Guštar, Michal Cáb, Luciano Chessa, Luboš Fidler, Veronika Svobodová, Roi Vaara, Aki Onda, Christina Della Giustina, and others.

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Lee Patterson: Terrain

video document of performance
26 March 2019
GHMP, Stone Bell House

Lee Patterson (b.1971) is a British musician, sound artist and maker of experimental musical instruments. He creates the amplified devices and processes with which he performs through the use of sound recording as a form of ear training. Whether working live with amplification or recording within an environment, Patterson has pioneered a range of methods to produce or uncover complex sounds in unexpected places. Using elements as diverse as chalk, springs, burning nuts, aquatic plants and insects, he eavesdrops upon these objects and situations otherwise considered mute, playing them as if they were musical instruments.

Video from a concert that took place at GHMP Stone Bell House, 26 March, 2019.

ᴠɪᴇᴡ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ

Organized by Lom instruments (Bratislava), Galerie hlavního města Prahy and the Agosto Foundation as part of the upcoming exhibition project Zvuky Kódy Obrazy: Akustický experiment ve vizuálním umění (Sounds Codes Images: Acoustic Experimentation in the Visual Arts) which will open in June at Prague City Gallery – Stone Bell House. The accompanying program is organized in collaboration with the Agosto Foundation.


Inge Kosková: Zápis kresbou

Writing through Drawing
Opening: 20 May, 2019, 6 PM
Exhibition continues through 8 September, 2019

Galerie Tapeta
Vojtěšská 18, Praha 1

In her drawings, leading Czech artist Inge Kosková expresses relationships with people and the landscape; depicts structures and rhythms, and captures the feelings of the body. Lately, she has worked especially by concentrating on recordings of music and her own mantras. She “writes” sound by drawing it. Mostly, she addresses the work of Leoš Janáček, but she also works with mantras and yoga. Drawing almost exclusively with ink or graphite on paper, the movements of Kosková’s hand over the paper are directed by sound. The temporality of sound is transformed into writing and drawing — the passing of time and the order of sounds are captured in the structures of the drawings. The continuous flow of sound has lead to her experiments with infinite lengths of paper, serving as another creative challenge for her.

Galerie Tapeta is a joint project of ArtMap Bookstore and the Agosto Foundation.

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