Futurist Week

22 – 30 November 2017
Invoking the memory of Italy’s noise engineers
Italian Cultural Institute, NG Trade Fair Palace

More than a century ago, Italy witnessed something that would forever change art and its forms of expression. In 1913, the Futurist painter Luigi Russolo published his manifesto L’arte dei Rumori (The Art of Noises), encompassing fundamental ideas for the new music of the modern age. The legacy of the Italian noise engineers will be invoked during Futurist Week from 22 to 30 November, during which Prague will host performances of historical and contemporary Futurist music by Luciano Chessa, among others, featuring special instruments: the intonarumori (noise intoners).

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Bart Society Enlivens the Local Scene


We met with Tomáš Kaiser, the director of the Bart Society, in early October at the 15th annual Apple Festival, which took place in the Pilsen region directly on the summit and slope of Krasíkov hill. The event could be seen from far away, as the slope of the hill (which, just beyond the trees, is graced with some beautiful castle ruins) was speckled with parked cars — this year a few thousand visitors came to the event. Directly below the castle, the Bart association was running a benefit kiosk selling pastries and coffee, whose earnings would go to support the society’s activities.

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Soulkostel, Vernéřovice -soulkostel_vernerovice_114505-adjust.jpg

New Life for an Abandoned Church


Soulkostel isn’t easy to find, even with GPS. You must go all the way through Vernéřovice and, almost at the end, turn off onto a grassy lane. Luckily, at the turnoff, we are directed by Hans Brusse, one of the owners, who is just then leaving on a musical tour of the Czech Republic. Marjolijn de Graaf is already waiting for us in front of the church. They arrived a few days before with their children on vacation, taking advantage of the last few sunny days of October.

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Veronika Romhány-Veronika_romhany_poster.jpg

Veronika Romhány

Artist Residency

Veronika Romhány is an intermedia artist, currently very interested in 3D animation and 3D virtual environments. During her residency, Romhány will continue the research and development of the Nimova project, which was initiated as a way to escape responsibility through the use of a fictional character (the Russian artist Věra Nimova). The government-funded MMA (Hungarian Academy of Arts) today represents a closed, stale and nostalgic, but ultimately official, statement about art in Hungary, mostly outside of the contemporary art scene and its discourses. The Nimova project is a reaction, offering feedback to bring about something new: an outsider’s artistic perspective on the complex tangle of art communities: the government; the progressive (opposition); and the amateur.

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Miloš Šejn: Obraz-tělo-zvuk-Milos_Sejn_Obraz_telo_zvuk_cover.jpg

Miloš Šejn: Image-Body-Sound (debut) + David Helán: Časopysk

27 November 2017, 18h
ArtMap Book Store

Miloš Šejn will christen his new two-disk edition of Obraz-tělo-zvuk/Image-Body-Sound, released by Guerilla Records on his 70th birthday. Included in the event will be the presentation of the new book Časopysk by David Helán, once a student of Šejn, who now also performs with him. In addition, ArtMap will bring us up to date on future creative encounters and performative dialogue.

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The Bioacoustics of Ants

Kuai Shen

The social is everywhere, as social life is a holobiont. It applies to all organisms who engage in mutualism, parasitism, commensalism, symbiosis. When we think about it, leaving categories, taxonomies and canonizations behind, we are not humans, we are social beings like them. They are not insects, they are social beings like us. The interdisciplinary artistic research of Kuai Shen is inspired by ants, by their social mimesis, social resilience and social metamorphosis, by their being and becoming with others. Ants are symbionts in relation to their ecosystem, in the sense that they participate in mutual and parasitic couplings with the environment, hosting other organisms and creating opportunities for the emergence of new social encounters.

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For Libkovice

Martin Zet

double / three / times / infinite erasing / of the past / that is something we can do well / in Bohemia …

A poem by Martin Zet, written between 3 August and 23 September, 2017 in Libušín, Ústí nad Labem, Pardubice, Mariánské Radčice and Libkovice.

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homeostatis frame

Homeostasis Video Released

A video poem on the industral and postinsdustral morphology of the slopes of the Ore Mountains in Northwest Bohemia. Sound and video material from the digital sedimentation of the project Frontiers of Solitude/Na pomezí samoty. Produced by the Agosto Foundation.

Videopoéma o industriální a post-industriální morfologii severočeského podkrušnohoří. Zvukové a obrazové materiály metamorfovány z digitálních usazenin projektu Frontiers of Solitude/Na pomezí samoty. Produkce: Agosto Foundation.

Ondřej Vavrečka, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Michal Kindernay

Dominik Žižka, Michal Kindernay, Vladimír Turner, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Lloyd Dunn

Sound/Editace zvuku: Miloš Vojtěchovský
Mastering: Stanislav Abrahám
Titles/Titulky: Lloyd Dunn
Produced by/Produkce: Agosto Foundation

Link/Odkaz: https://vimeo.com/243353336